Surgical Decommissioning : The art and science of dismantling and removing equipment or an entire facility; restoring that facility to its original condition with minimal risk.

There comes a time when your data center - the whole thing or just a single piece of equipment - reaches the end of its lifespan. Then what? Does the equipment have value to someone else? Does your lease necessitate returning a data center to its original condition or an empty shell?

That's where DSA comes in. By utilizing the most experienced data center decommissioning team in the country, we can help you recapture the remaining value of your assets and, if required, restore your entire site to its original condition with minimal risk.

We've decommissioned hundreds of critical sites for the world's leading companies with a precision that's unique to the industry. Our decommissioning, rigging and demolition teams are deeply experienced in the removal of infrastructure and equipment without compromising ongoing operations. Through our vigilant, precise execution, we're able to surgically remove anything that might have value.

Being the leading re-manufacturer of electronic infrastructure makes us the best at maximizing value of your old gear; our experience constructing data centers gives us the know-how to dismantle them. These two qualities combined makes us the industry leader when it comes to surgical decommissioning.

By further mitigating risk and supporting eco-friendly initiatives, we make the entire process green from start to finish. Instead of disposing of equipment, we remanufacture it while making sure all removal and recycling processes are environmentally conscious and EPA certified.

Brokerage and storage options are also available for all projects.

From unneeded aisles to much needed parking spots. An exercise in surgical decommissioning.

Many of the country's leading data center owners trust DSA Encore with decommissioning projects big and small, from removing a single piece of equipment to completely dismantling entire facilities. One such project in California required DSA to remove (12) 2 Megawatt Generators, (30) 500 kva UPS's, (100) PDU/STS's, 100,000 square-feet of raised floor, 1,000,000 pounds of miscellaneous scrap, 300,000 pounds of batteries, 50 CRAC units and condensers, and (2) 20,000 gallon UST's. As if dismantling the equipment wasn't enough, DSA then had to use over 100 tractor trailers to transport all the materials away from the site. To top it off, DSA demolished the two-story, 50,000 square-foot facility and restored it to a brand new, landscaped parking lot.


Risk management is at the forefront of any surgical decommissioning project; whether it's dealing with sensitive data, hazardous materials or security clearances for on-site personnel, DSA's experience will never let you down.

Case Studies
JP Morgan Chase
First New York Partners
Credit Suisse